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Fright Fest Day 8: Interview with Kendare Blake!

Welcome to Day 8 of Fright Fest! Today we have a very awesome guest, author of Anna Dressed in Blood and Antigoddess, Kendare Blake!

By the way, I just finished up Antigoddess and it was EPIC! Keep an eye out for my review soon!

Cas is a badass ghost hunter. He sends evil spirits to their ultimate death. In a way, he kind of reminds me of the guy version of Buffy (except he kills off something harder than vampires). What do you think Cas’s reaction would be to discovering vampires existed and meeting up with the Vampire Slayer?
Cas hates to be compared to Buffy, so he would probably be surprised she existed. And then he would mostly be impressed, and envious. Because she's all hot girl with superpowers, and all he has is slightly enhanced combat skills and a magical knife. And he'd see the Scythe she gets in Season 7 and just cry because his athame is so much smaller. However, when she wasn't around, he'd be glad to take out vampires left and right.

I have to say, in Girl of Nightmares, I got completely creeped the hell out during the forest seen. Not to give too much away, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows what I’m talking about. It felt like that moment when you’re in the movie theaters and then all of a sudden something jumps in front of the screen. I had to lift my feet off the couch reading that part. Were there times while you were writing that you got scared by your own imagination? 
The forest did freak me out. Mostly the part where it seemed to have no end. Like they'd been walking too long and should have made it out already. Things like that really mess me up. I would be terrified to be trapped in a loop, like when someone walks out the front door and winds up back inside the house. Yeesh. Other than that, the moment at the end of the first book, where a beloved character bites the dust, and the thing that got him is coming down from the attic...that creeped me out a little.

There’s some voodoo in the Anna books. Have you ever been to New Orleans or any other voodoo isk places? Favorite experience?
I love New Orleans. I've been there three times, most recently this past September. The French Quarter is a world unto itself. But I think my favorite experience there is the food. So much tasty food. I enjoy having beignets and juice at the Cafe du Monde, and watching the mules hang out along Jackson Square in their little hats.

Believe in ghosts?
Sure, why not. There's a whole lot of unexplained crap out there, and some of them might be ghosts. I'd never want to become one though, if the only thing you can do is be a cold spot in a room or walk the same twelve feet up and down the stairs at night. Talk about boring.

You’ve been compared to Stephen King (personally, I think you’re way scarier [it’s a compliment!] than him), have you ever read any of his books before and if so, do you have a favorite?
I grew up reading King. His Gerald's Game was the first real novel I ever read. I love him, and his son, Joe Hill. Amazing writers. Thank you for thinking I'm scarier...that comparison always makes me blush. My favorite novel of his would have to be IT. It's a masterclass in creepy. And in writing childhood friendships. Except for that gangbang part at the end...I don't think most childhood friendships include one of those, or for the love of pete I hope not.

You’re new book, Antigoddess, came out September 10th. It seems like a pretty dark read as well. We’ve seen some books portray the Olympic Gods on the lighter side. What drew you to them as a story?
Greek mythology has always drawn me. I don't know why. The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of my favorite classics. And I enjoy the old plays, too: Antigone, Medea, the Oresteia is okay...but you're right. ANTIGODDESS is pretty dark. It doesn't have the same humor in it that the Anna series did either, because we don't have Cas as a narrator. But there are some lighter bits. It's more of an action adventure, a hero's quest for the goddess Athena and Cassandra, the prophet.

Who is your favorite Olympic God/Goddess, by the way?
Athena. All the way. As for gods, I've always been partial to Poseidon. But I really prefer the human heroes, like Hector and Odysseus.

What would you say is the most frightening monster ever?
Zombies. The fast ones, who can open doors and solve problems and stuff. They just shouldn't have that many advantages. If you're undead, you should be slow, and dumb. Also, if I chop your head off, I should win. But with zombies, if I chop their heads off, but their blood gets into my eye, I lose anyway. How unfair is that?

All time favorite scary movie?
That's tough. All time? I guess that would have to be Nightmare on Elm Street. So funny. And such a great idea...a monster that can only kill you if you fall asleep. I mean, that's what horror movies should do right? Cost you sleep?

Go to Halloween read?
This year I would have to say NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. It's about a child soul-sucking serial killer and the magical girl who got away. He bring the kids to this crazy terrible place called Christmasland, which seems idyllic on the surface but really turns them into horrible, needle-teethed little demons. So maybe it's also a Christmas read?

Thanks for having me by for Fright Fest! Remember to take part in Neil Gaiman's book holiday, All Hallow's Read, by sharing a scary book with someone you love!

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