Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review Policy

*Update 08/07/2015: As of right now I am being VERY selective about my reading material. Having fun with my little River and working has made a pretty big dent in my reading time. Please don't be upset if I turn you down or refer you to another blogger.*

I would love to review your book- after all that's what this is all about! All books will be reviewed depending on when they were given to me and the date they will be (or have been) published. Please keep in mind that sometimes life events happen out of my control and I may not be able to put your review up in time for its publishing date. However, I will always post a review as soon as possible and I do try my very best to get them in on time!

Preferred Genres:

I read Adult, YA, and Children's Lit in all these genres:
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Horror
  • Gothic
  • General Fiction

What Format do I Take?

I have both a Kindle Fire and a Nook Simple Touch. I prefer to either read on my Kindle or with a physical book, but I will accept any format (e-book, paperback, hardback).

What to Expect in a Review:

  • Book Cover
  • Title, Author, and Pages
  • Publication Information
  • Book Description from either Goodreads or Amazon
  • What I thought of the book (including plot, character development, relationships, and writing style in general)
  • Rating (1-5 Stars)
  • Extras (if available) such as: book trailers, teasers, miscellaneous photos, etc.

What Happens if I Don't Like Your Book?

If I start to read your book and I find that it's not for me I will send you an e-mail explaining that although I appreciate the ARC, I was unable to finish it because of _______. I will then ask you if you still wish for me to review what I have read of your book while leaving out a rating. I will never bash a book, but I will give my honest opinion on it.  

Contact Information:


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