Friday, May 29, 2015

Bucket List!

1. Get a Tattoo.
2. See Starry Night in person.

3. Get married.

4. Eat a macaron in Paris.
5. Watch a silent movie.

6. Have a family.

7. See the Northern Lights in Alaska.
8. Eat Hagelslag in Holland.

9. Have a pixie cut.

10. Read all of Jane Austin.
11. Ride a train.
12. Publish a novel.
13. Attend Book Expo America
14. Visit Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon.
15. Have my cards/palm read in New Orleans
16. Go on a spontaneous road trip with no clear destination in mind.
17. Have a honeymoon.
18. Actually run (and not die) a 5K marathon (specifically color run).
19.Go camping out in the "wild".
20. Visit a castle in Ireland.
21. Visit Harry Potter World

22. Join a book club.
23. Visit the Grand Canyon
24. Experience zero gravity.
25. Go skinny-dipping. (Sorry, no pictures for this one! You're welcome!)
26. Dye my hair an outrageous color.
27. Attend Comic Con
28. Have a garden.
29. Catch a fish.
30. Watch Dead Poets Society.
31. Visit the Poe Museum in Baltimore.
32. See the play A Midsummer Night's Dream
33. Have a Picnic in the park.
34. Watch the sunrise over the ocean.
35. Graduate from college
36.  Buy a house.
37. Go to London and see the play "The Cursed Child" by JK Rowling.
38. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast.
39. Build a fort with River.
40. Pay for River's college.
41. Go Stargazing in a truck full of blankets.
42. Leave notes in books at a used bookstore.

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  1. Love it!! See, you're well on your way! I think I need to make a bucket list too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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