Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I'm Loving this Week!

1. Weeds starring Mary Louise Parker. I know, I'm totally behind on this train, but this show is so hilarious and addictive. And the best part? Netflix has all the seasons. Highly recommend.

2. Wal-Mart's Scentsy knock-off cubes and room sprays. Seriously, they smell fantastic (or at least the lemon scent does) and they're half the price.

3. This Article and photo of the #followmeto guy. So romantic!

4. Snuggling up in bed with little River and watching her watch cartoons... and okay, watching them myself. River is hitting that stage where she is super alert and watching everything... especially the TV. I'm actually having to cut off the TV when I feed her so she'll eat because she gets so distracted by it (see below)!

5. Video Baby Monitors! I have just started putting River in her crib during the day to take her naps and I need to give a huge shout out to whoever thought of the idea for video baby monitors because it helps to ease this crazy Momma's anxiety by a billion!

6. Wednesday Pool Days. Okay, so my mom has a pretty sweet blow up pool in her VERY secluded back yard, and I have totally been taking advantage of it. For about two hours on Wednesdays I let little River chill with her grandmother while I go sun and read a book, nap, or just zen out. It works out perfectly because I'm actually able to FULLY relax knowing that River is just right in the house- which is amazing for me because I feel like I haven't had that feeling since River came into the world (Momma's you know what I'm talking about).

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