Friday, April 6, 2012

Follow Friday #3

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Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

I personally have not. In fact, I usually research a book before purchasing it to see just how many bad reviews it has. That doesn't mean that if it has a lot of negative feedback I won't purchase it, but if it's 2 star book on Goodreads, chances are I'm not. It's just not in my budget to splurge on bad books. However, I do have friends on Goodreads who have in fact recently done this! So I know it's not unheard of. 
What about you?


  1. I totally agree- if I'm going to spend my money on a book I want to make sure its a good one. Normally, if everyone is saying a particular book is horrible, it probably is and so I tend to stay away. There are just too many amazing books with 5 star reviews to buy instead.

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  2. It definitely depends on what it is about the book that people don't like. I personally am not a huge historical fiction fan, so those books generally aren't reviewed as highly as some others by me. But I know other people LOVE historical fiction, so my negative review might not apply to them.

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  3. Great answer!
    I tend to, if I'm really unsure, get it out from the library or try and get a copy someplace to pre-read, but I only tend to buy the books that I really love, so I'm not going to be buying any books because of a bad review! I prefer to save and buy the ones I'm sure of!

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  4. I think I follow similar standards. If a book has less than 3.5 stars on goodreads, I usually pass on it unless I'm really sure I'll enjoy it. Some of the classics are rated low on goodreads, so I figure it's okay to make exceptions. ;-)

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  6. Hope you have a great easter and weekend too! I meant to say before- Team Peeta! WOO!
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  7. Nice answer. I agree with you, why waste money on a book that is likely to be bad! I might borrow a book that has bad reviews from the library if I think it might interest me, but with so many great books out there why bother reading the not so great stuff.

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  8. I like to see a mix of opinions, and it gives me confidence in what I'm about to read.

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