Thursday, February 2, 2012

"The Dark and Hollow Places" by Carrie Ryan

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! ...Oh, and you know, the survival of the human population.

*Warning: Spoilers for "The Forest of Hands & Teeth" and "The Dead Tossed Waves" ahead.*

In Carrie Ryan's third installment of her Zombie book series we met Annah, Gabry's scarred twin sister. Annah's life has been the same ever since her "brother", Elias, left three years ago to join the recruiters. Every day Annah wakes up with the sole intention of surviving in the Dark City and waiting on Elias's return home. That is, until she meets Catcher, who makes Annah want to drop the guard down that she's been holding for so long. But Catcher's immunity to the disease forces him to always be on the run and in hiding from the recruiters who seek to use him. If they catch him, they can use Annah as insurance to make sure Catcher will always come back and keep them supplied. Now Annah and Catcher have two enemies: The Recruiters and the Zombies. Even if they do beat the recruiters, Annah wonders if it's worth living in a world with a war they can't win...

My Thoughts:
I LOVED IT!!! I have always been a big fan of this series and it's just gotten better and better with each book. This last one had me on edge and reeling with each new discovery. Annah has been the best narrator yet. The action is superb and Annah's bad-ass-ness doesn't take crap from anyone, not even Zombies. I love her relationship with Catcher because it is so honest and real. Their chemistry is fantastic. This book had a quality to it that was just... breathtaking. With each book I've stayed up into the wee hours of the morning waiting on Zombies to scratch at my bedroom window to try and  "infect" me. At one point while reading this one, I screamed when my mother scared me by just walking into my room. It's intense and wonderful and I highly recommend this amazing series!

My Rating: 5/5 Teeth Gnashing Zombies

Teaser Pleasers:
  • Catcher laughs, an awful sound full of bitterness and fury. "As far as you're concerned it means I'm God."
  • "Look at me!" I rip off my coat and then my shirt until I'm just wearing a tank top, my skim on fire from rage.
  • Dead fingers wrap around my ankle and I know that any second I'll feel the hard ridge of teeth...

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  1. I definitely loved this one also. It was my favorite. Admittedly I thought the first was good but the main girl annoyed me so much. The second I was sort of 'eh' on glad I stuck it out for the last one!


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