Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week Twenty-Four

Milestone: River finally let Zack feel her kick for the first time Sunday night! We were going to sleep and I made Zack keep his hand on my tummy for at least an hour and she finally gave him three swift kicks to let him know she was still in there hanging out.

How I'm Feeling: Hungry. Like, all the time, 24/7. It's a bit ridiculous actually, but I'm keeping an eye on my food intake and hopefully staying on track for weight gain and management!

Cravings: Still tons of milk.

Weird Non-Gross Body Stuff- Back/ Hip aches! My back hurts all the time now and if I sit too long or when I first get up in the morning I am super stiff.

Most Researched Topic This Week: Baby on a Small Budget! Seriously, Zack and I have always budgeted and this ARTICLE was a really great and informative read.

Most Coveted Baby Item This Week: Swaddlers! Specifically, I've heard great things about the Miracle Blanket brand. Found HERE.

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