Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week Twenty-Seven

How I'm Feeling: Weird. On the one hand, I'm super happy and ready to have River in my arms as soon as she's ready to be here. On the other, I'm super stressed because of some issues that have come up with our property that might mean we have to move in the near or distant future. I'm also feeling like I'm about to catch a cold (or what I hope is JUST a cold, and not the beginnings of the flu), with a scratchy throat and fatigue. 

Milestone: This week I've been playing music to little River whenever I get the chance. So far she seems to like the mellower side of the spectrum. She enjoyed Neil Young's Don't Let it Bring You Down and Obadiah Parker's version of Hey Ya. Both she kicked and grooved a lot too. 

Nursery Update: As of right now, the nursery is put on hold until we figure out the housing situation :( Which really sucks because I was so excited to finally get started on it. But we don't want to put any more money then we already have into it if we're just going to end up leaving. So practicality comes first unfortunately.

Cravings: Burger King burgers and onion rings! And of course, still milk.

Weird Non-Gross Body Stuff: Leg Cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions. They both suck majorly.

Gifts for River this Week:
 This week River received her first book from her sweet cousins, Amy and Macie! They also bought her an adorable little owl plush toy.

She also got this adorable little outfit from her Aunt Anita and cousin Regina :)

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
This adorable little onesie, found HERE.

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