Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week Twenty-Eight

How I'm Feeling: I am *finally* getting over being seriously sick for the past week. Think Zombie Plague + Pregnancy. Still super stuffy and coughing, but at least I'm finally sleeping again (mostly). I actually went to the Urgent Care Center in my hometown, because I was just so tired of being sick. They gave me a shot (which was ridiculously painful for some reason) and a ton of meds with strict orders to take it easy. Of course, all of this just made me worry about River, because I really didn't want to take any medications with her, but they assured me everything would be fine and it was in her best interest to take them. It helps to ease my freak out modes when I can feel her kicking and moving like crazy though.

Latest Doctor Visit: First 3rd Trimester Doctor Visit happened! It was super quick, and they measured my belly and I got to hear River's heartbeat like always (152). She's doing great and she should be here in 12 weeks hopefully!

Nursery Update: Nursery is still being put on hold because we're still debating on moving. Which sucks, because I am so ready to get River's things together for her, but I can hold off for a little longer.

Cravings: Chocolate Pop-Tarts & Milk. Seriously, best things ever. Zack and I are going through almost 3 gallons of milk a week right now!

Gifts for River this Week: So, my sweet little girl isn't even here yet, and she's already spoiled rotten thanks to her awesome family! Here's just *SOME* of her gifts!

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. I absolutely loved this book when I was younger, and I plan on buying it soon for River and writing a sweet message inside.

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