Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! While I've never been a huge fan of New Years Eve (and the usually lame festivities that it brings), I do have to say I enjoy New Years Day the most. For most of us, it's a time to write down all of those resolutions and changes that we want to make for 2015 to be our most amazing year yet... and of course, some of us have probably already broken those resolutions before noon today ;) Regardless, January 1st is always looked at as the first page of a new beginning in our lives, and for my family and I that is definitely going to be the case with baby River on the way.

2014 was an incredible year for me. I learned so much and grew as a person. My best-friend/ soul-mate and I stood before our friends and family and pledged to love each other, and be committed to each other, forever. We were so blessed during this time, because Zack's dad was there to witness this. I've never seen someone with so much strength to hang on so he could be there for those he loved. The day after our wedding, Zack and I spent the rest of the week with him before he passed on. It was by far, the hardest thing that I have ever done, and I'm sure my husband felt this way as well since his father was his best-friend. But I would never trade a single moment of that time we spent with him. I learned so much, not only about my father-in-law, but about my husband. Zack inherited the same strength and love that his own father possessed. I thought I knew everything about my husband up until that point, but he amazed me the way he took care of his dad in those last days. 

2014 also brought along the news that I was going to be a mom. By far, the most amazing thing to ever happen to me in my entire life. I've always felt unsure of everything in my life, but with the announcement of River I've never been more certain of anything. The most incredible sound I heard this year was the first time we heard her little heartbeat. On our first visit, we we're given two due dates: March 16th or March 24th. March 16th was my dad's birthday and March 24th will be one year since Zack's father passed away. She may not come on either of those days, but regardless she has definitely been gift to us already.

This year my resolutions are short and sweet:
1. Follow God's direction for my life by building a stronger relationship with Him.
2. Wake up every morning and decide to be the best mother and wife that I can be to my family. 

That's it. Because, I think if I can do those two things, the rest will just fall into place :)

Hope you all have an amazing year in 2015! 

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