Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 30! The Countdown is On!

How I'm Feeling: Great! I finally got over being sick and I am back to normal! I think I've been incredibly lucky during this pregnancy (not to jinx it), but so far it's been fairly good. I mean, I do have terrible leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night, I waddle now when I walk, and the back pain sucks, but it's really not bad enough for me to say I'm miserable. The only thing that really bothered me was the constant worry I felt over her during the first trimester, simply because it's such an iffy time. Now though I realize she's probably the safest she's ever going to be in her entire life, and even though I'm going to be over the moon when she gets here, I know a small part of me is going to be sad that I have to share her with the world when it's just been the two of us (and her daddy) for the past nine months. Which sounds really selfish, but I have a feeling other mommas out there know what I mean. But I still absolutely can't wait to see and hold her!

Latest Doctor Visit: This last visit was super quick and all we did was listen to the heartbeat (152) and measure my belly. When I go back in two weeks though, we get to do another ultrasound to just check on River's growth process! Needless to say, I'm super excited to get to see our little lady moving around again. Hopefully this time she'll actually let us see her face.

Daddy Talk: Last week Zack and I were having one of our many conversations about how we think River will turn out during her teenage years. I see her as being a quiet, beautiful, little nerdy girl with high career expectations and a love for traveling- think Rory Gilmore. Her daddy says he sees her as a metal loving-hipster/gothic-chick and that he intends to buy her her first pair of Tripp Pants. Truthfully, she'll probably be a mixture of the two, considering the embarrassing short-term all black gothic-ish phase I went through when I was younger. Hopefully, she'll have enough fashion sense to forgo the Tripp pants though.

#Blessed: So, this week I found out that not only does my insurance cover a FREE electronic breast pump, but it covers for the one I really wanted (the Medela Pump In Style Advanced)! Completely free, with no cost for me or hubs. To say that I was excited is putting it lightly. Who would have thought I would be getting excited about a breast pump, of all things?! But the truth is, my husband works super hard to pay for the great coverage we have and has sacrificed a lot of things he wanted (and sometimes needed) just so we could have great insurance. So, shout out to the hubster for being epic and awesome so I don't have to pump manually!

Nursery Update: Zack and I finally made a decision to stay put for at least another year in our current home. It just wasn't a good idea for us to attempt to move during my last trimester. We're hoping that we're going to be able to stay for the long term, as planned, but all that's going to depend on varying factors that we will deal with next year. In the meantime, Zack painted the trim in the nursery and did an awesome job of putting the new flooring in.

Excuse the craptastic quality of the photos.... my phone camera *may* or *may not* be broken because I threw it in a fit of hormonal pregnancy rage... at a wall.

 We still have some touch-ups to do and we have to put in the floor molding. But I love the wood we put down!

Baby Shower Update: Date is set and invitations are currently being put together! February 7th can't come fast enough. I'm so beyond blessed to have such a wonderful Mother-in-Law and my family that takes time out of their busy schedules to help plan for this!

Cravings: Fried Green Tomatoes (especially from Full Moon)! Plus Chocolate Pop-Tarts and Cold Milk.

Gifts for River this Week: River received a ton of stuff from my cousins out-of-state! Plenty of clothes, socks, bows, diapers, and even a bassinet! She's probably set for the first six months of her life now thanks to them, but I'm sure she'll be getting even more clothes during the shower!

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
Not technically a "baby" item, but I would seriously kill for a pregnancy massage!


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  2. I've heard great things about that breastpump. Yay, Zack! :)


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