Friday, January 30, 2015

Week Thirty-Two... OR Thirty-Six!

Major Update: So, baby River gave her daddy and me a huge scare Wednesday! We had what was supposed to be our last ultra-sound, when we found out she was measuring FOUR WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! Weighing in at a whopping six pounds already, they also told us that she is in position and is going to be very tall (thanks to the freakishly tall hubs on this one). However, my doctor tried to reassure me by telling me that ultrasounds are notorious for being off a pound or two, so who knows. On top of all of this, my blood pressure sky rocketed to 159/96. They then admitted me to the hospital to be monitored. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified. Not only for me, but for River as well. I thought I was pretty prepared for the whole hospital stay... turns out not so much. It's just scary when you're doctor tells you that you have to go in and everything is out of your hands. But I'm lucky, I only spent about two hours in there watching Supernatural and laughing with my amazing husband (seriously, this guy deserves a trophy for best husband/ dad), mom, and MamaB when it promptly went down and back to normal. I'm pretty sure this was just an abnormal incident from unnecessary stress that had been thrown my way and not something I really need to be worried about. Also, my doctor appointments will now be moved to every week instead of every two weeks, and I am supposed to be keeping a close eye on the BP when I can. Hopefully she'll be able to tell me more about what's going on with River and her due date when I go back next week since they were mainly just concerned this time with my BP.

How I'm Feeling: Good... a little bit freaked out that River maybe making her entrance early, because there's still *so* much to do, but I'm trying to stay calm! As long as she's healthy though, I'm good! I think the biggest things I need to do at this point is to go ahead and get our hospital bags ready, and stock up on some stuff here, but I was hoping I could at least hold off on the stocking up of diapers until *after* the baby shower.

My blood pressure has also been fluctuating since Wednesday, but I'm trying my best to keep it down and just relax. I think once I get the nursery completely finished, I may stop freaking out. Maybe.

Cravings: Burgers and Shakes!

Bottom Line: From my understanding RIGHT now, River can basically come at any time from now until the end of February to her due date in March (although it's highly unlikely that she will wait that long, or that my body will be able to carry her for that long if she continues to grow so fast... seriously, Momma can't cart a 14 pound baby, my bladder just couldn't handle it).

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
Diapers. Wipes. And Baby Meds!

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