Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week Thirty-Five (Technically. I guess).

Latest Doctor Visit: Today's visit went by fairly quick with just the basic measuring and listening to River's heartbeat (156). Everything is still going good, but I did express my concerns (okay, freak outs) over River being a Frost Giant. The conversation went something like this:

Doctor: "How are you doing?"
Me: "Good.. you know, just freaking out that I'm going to have the 14 pound baby."
Doctor: "You've been on the internet, haven't you?"
Me: "Maybe."

Then she did a whole bunch of reassuring that River was fine, I was fine, and 14 pound babies were not normal, or something that will happen when under prenatal care. We did schedule another ultrasound for Monday just to check on growth, but she stressed that I should not have a meltdown if River is measuring big. She told me (once again) that the US are notorious for being off in the third trimester.

Nursery Update: Nursery is *finally* finished! Zack and I spent the entire weekend getting her room together, and it was so worth the exhaustion. I absolutely love it, although I will probably add more furniture later as it looks a little bare right now, despite all the goodies she has already.

Baby Shower: I seriously think we had the most awesome baby shower ever. SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP! We had a cake to feed 70, and almost all of it was eaten except for a few pieces (which I then took home and ate). We're so blessed to have such an amazing family! We also pretty much received almost everything we needed, and no doubles of anything! We had so many presents to open, that I actually felt exhausted halfway through and was so glad I had decided to have the Hubs there to help me out. It made the whole experience so much more memorable listening to his explanation of the gifts- "And it's a... frilly, shirt thingy!"

How I'm Feeling: Honestly, I'm getting miserable. I waddle. I constantly have an elbow or knee digging into me from the inside. I pee ALL THE TIME. I can't sleep because I'm so stiff from having to lay on one side or another. I'm too exhausted to clean the house which really needs to be done. Oh, and the restless leg syndrome paired with the leg cramps has been really fantastic. Basically, I'm ready to go into labor and have her today. 

Cravings: Milk. Milk. Milk.

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week: I honestly can't think of one thing right now that we need and haven't got. From now on, I'll just be stocking up on basic baby goods, like diapers, wipes, and baby wash.

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