Monday, February 23, 2015

Week Thirty-Six.

Latest Doctor Visit: We had another ultrasound to check on River's growth, and she is weighing a whopping 8 pounds and six ounces! IF we go by measurements that puts me a 39 weeks and changed my due date to March 1st... this Sunday. However, the doctor says we are still keeping the due date for March 24, but that she probably will come early. As of right now, I'm not dilated at all, but I am 50% effaced. My doctor also tried to reassure me (in a somewhat strange way) that I had a great pelvis and should be fine to deliver a big baby if that's what she happens to be. I'm not gonna lie, it totally made me feel better because I had been freaking out a little over birthing my little Frost Giant. Who knew someone complimenting your pelvis could make you feel better, but pregnancy is weird so whatever.

Recent Shopping Trip: Zack and I went on what is hopefully the last big shopping spree before chunky monkey gets here. We bought her a super cute Polar Bear humidifier, a breastfeeding cover (which I'm still debating on if I'll use or not), and some outfits to carry with us to the hospital. Not to mention the oh so cute hot pink ruffle bottoms :)

Hospital Bag: Hubs and I both had a bit of a long weekend and decided it was time to start packing up our hospital bag. Since they're guessing River is going to be a bit of a big baby, I decided to pack more outfits then what I originally had planned (newborn sizes and then some slightly bigger 0-3 months sizes just in case). Along with that we have her cute owl Boppy, swaddlers, and pacifier. I'm also packing my breast pump just in case.

How I'm Feeling: You remember a few weeks ago when I was all "Yeah, I've been so lucky because I've had a great pregnancy so far!"...well, I'm not taking that back (it *has* been a good pregnancy), but my goodness I'm done with this third trimester and ready for our little River to be here. Sleep at this point is non-existence between restless leg syndrome and cramps- and for the love of all that is holy please do not tell me how I better enjoy my sleep now unless you want to be throat punched.

Speaking of throat punching... since I'm pretty uncomfortable I haven't exactly been Miss Sunshine lately, but I'm trying really hard not to go all Exorcist on everyone. And then there's the crying and the worrying over something going wrong in delivery. Basically, I'm something of a *small* mess, but I have a great husband who's been getting me through it.

Most Researched Topic this Week: This kind of goes along with me being an emotional mess. This week, I decided to research two serious topics just so I could be prepared: C-Sections and SIDS. After a solid week of hearing me worry and tear up, hubs finally put his foot down and threatened to cancel the internet if I didn't stop freaking myself out. On the positive side though, the research on C-Sections did help me not to be so terrified of the possibility. Every experience I read on it didn't sound too horrible and having a better knowledge of what to expect if that happens made me feel more confident with it. Of course, I'm still hoping to go the other route, but if it happens it happens.

Movement: While River doesn't kick as much as she did in the second trimester, she's still in their moving around like crazy. It's not unusual these days to see my belly jump or to see her little body across it. She also gets the hiccups a lot too. This is definitely going to be one thing I will miss about being pregnant. I love getting to feel her move around and knowing that she's okay.

Missing:Wine. Seafood. And Sleep. Seriously, as soon as I get done breastfeeding I will be going out to buy a big bottle of red wine. You really don't realize what your mom all gave up for you until you think about the fact that she went without alcohol for over a year. 

Cravings: Chicken.

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week: River. Seriously, at this point there's nothing I want more then to go into labor and hold her.

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