Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Year Down, Forever to Go!

Today marks one year that I married the love of my life and my best-friend! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly! To say that this year has been one of the best years of my life is an understatement, but no words would adequately describe the amount of happiness and honor I have in being married to my husband. 

I was going to talk about our wedding, and how much of a special time that was for us, but after writing out the post I realized that's not what I wanted to talk about, or what our one year anniversary should be about. 

Then I was going to talk about how amazing my husband was and how much I had grown as a person in the time that we had been married... but then I realized I didn't really want to talk about that either.

What I want to talk about, is the simple fact that I am absolutely, head over heels still in love with my husband, even after almost six years of dating, and one year of marriage. I still look over at him every night while sitting on the couch reading or watching television and think "I'm the luckiest person on the planet to have married my best-friend. There's no way anyone could be this happy or blessed." 

Except we are. We are so blessed and continue to be blessed every single day of our marriage. Sure, there's times where we want to probably shove the other person through a brick wall, and I would be lying if I said this year was without it's bumps or dips, but at the end of it all, I know the man standing beside me is the one I want standing there forever. That he is my other half that I never even knew I needed until we met.

And (hopefully) in a few days or a week, we'll be celebrating the birth of our amazing, beautiful daughter. Yeah, we've definitely been blessed.

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