Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week Thirty-Nine!!!!

Well, here it is. The post I thought I would never write, because I just knew baby River was going to be super early (but healthy, since I thought my due date was off). Obviously, I was wrong.

Latest (and hopefully LAST) Doctor Visit: Well, unfortunately River is still being stubborn and is having a party in my uterus that she is not ready to bail out on yet. I'm still dilated at one and 50% effaced. However, her head is now at a -1 Station (which is awesome and progress). The best news though? If her little butt isn't here by Wednesday the 25th (one day AFTER my due date) they're going to induce me on Thursday the 26th! So regardless, I will be holding my daughter in ONE week no matter what! We also got some great news that I'm "pretty much" measuring back on track (which is weird) and the doctor thinks River will weigh around 8.5 to 9.5 pounds and is just going to be super long (although, she could just be telling me this so I don't have a  melt down at the thought of birthing the 12 pound baby).

Maternity Leave: So, Friday I had to say a short goodbye to my lovely, sweet co-workers! I really wanted to be able to work right up until the point that I went into labor, but that was just proving to be impossible for me. Plus, I think it's been good for me to take this last week and just relax and enjoy the last time I will probably ever be by myself (at least for the next eighteen years). So for this week, I've been nesting, walking, and binging on the Dresden Files novels and Netflix.

How I'm Feeling: The above picture pretty much sums me up perfectly. However, being off work has definitely made a huge difference in my attitude and my ability to just chill the heck out. I mean, yes, I'm still miserable (and not sleeping), but I'm not exhausted and super stressed out from people. Just being able to sit on the couch and relax when I need to has been awesome. Although, I have to admit I'm getting a little bored with the wait.

But I am also so elated because I *know* the end is near and I am THIS close to holding my daughter (and possibly never letting her go... ever). In days (hopefully) or a week at most, my husband and I will be parents. PARENTS. I don't think you can adult more then that. I mean, that's it as far as the leveling of adulting goes. Parents. BAM! Adulthood achieved. Which is so surreal, and if I'm honest, slightly terrifying when you think about it because most days I still like feel like a kid lounging around reading my comic books and eating junk food... wait, that was yesterday. But despite that scary little notion of being an "adult", I know that my husband and I have got this. We're in this together, and we're ready and we're going to be awesome parents to one amazing little girl who will be loved beyond measure when she finally decides to make her appearance.

"Nesting": This week I finally got that mysterious burst of energy that everyone talks about and spent my time cleaning house (with the help of my mom and MamaB). I also put together a small breastfeeding basket to use for when we get home. I came across the idea on Pintrest and just thought it was super clever and hopefully will make things somewhat easier on me. Inside I have three burp cloths, my nursing cover (which I still am debating on using), lanolin cream, water bottles (I hear breastfeeding makes you super thirsty), nursing pads, hand lotion (that I will more than likely switch out for cocobutter), and two very informative breastfeeding packets that my mid-wife gave me. Once River gets here I will probably also include my Kindle, earphones, and some crackers or other type of snacks.

I also have been nesting for our "little" MaddiePup, as well. I know that bringing home River is going to be a BIG change for her, so I'm trying to make her as comfortable with the idea as I can now. We've decked out her kennel with a soft fluffy pillow, some of her favorite toys, and a delicious bone to chomp on. She's also set up right beside my side of the couch where she can look up at me or watch TV whenever she wants. Unfortunately, Zack and I haven't been too restrictive in the kennel training, so over the past few weeks we've been leaving her in there for short periods of time and then giving her a treat. While she doesn't seem to hate it, she definitely still prefers her queenly spot on top of the chase lounge.

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