Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week Thirty-Seven!

Latest Doctor Visit: River's doing great, heartbeat is 149 and I'm dilated one cm! Not much, but hey, I'll take it! Other than that, everything is moving forward fine.

Guesstimates on Due Date:
Me: March 16th
Zack: March 12th
Nola (River's cousin): March 13th
MamaB (River's Great-Grandmother): March 4th (aka my birthday and today... she still has sometime, but I don't think that's going to happen lol).

How I'm Feeling: Exhausted. Sore. Irritable. Excited. You name it and I have probably felt that emotion this week. Mainly though I'm just getting impatient for River's arrival. I'm also dealing with false labor pains, which really suck, by the way. I've been trying to clean my house like crazy, and every time I get somewhere on it I have intense pains in my abdomen and hips. Definitely not fun, and some last long enough for a mini-freak out, but thankfully I have a great Hubs who is there to calm down and talk me through it.

Unwanted Advice Rant: Okay, so I'm just gonna say it. Ladies... if we're not family or friends that speak and see each other on a regular basis, then chances are, I don't want your baby/ labor advice (unless of course, I specifically ask for it). Seriously, I always thought this was just one of those things that people blew out of proportion, but it's not! I can not even begin to tell you the amount of times someone has tried to talk to me like I have no idea what I'll be doing in a few weeks when River arrives. I didn't go into this blind. River was planned which means I made sure that I was confident enough in myself to handle this.

Now, after all that, I know that I'm a *little* hormonal, and that a lot of this advice is coming from a good place... but how many times did you (as a new mother) want to punch someone in the face for giving you unwanted advice? A lot right? And this isn't really directed towards the people with good hearts who are just trying to be sweet (well, not all of it anyway). But for the love of all that is holy, if you feel like you need to give advice, think twice. Make sure it's something relevant and not something I've probably been told a hundred times. A good example of great advice: "Do you guys have a Rock-N-Play? Because those things are a life saver!" An example of "bad" advice that makes me want to shank you: "Don't be one of those moms that are obsessed with germ-x, she has to be exposed to germs at some point!"  See the difference?

Movement: Hiccups! Hiccups! Hiccups! And since River is so big now, when she does decide to kick or move around it can get pretty painful... like she's taking out a rib or two.

Special Gifts for River this Week: My sweet aunt and uncle (and their adorable little trio of girls) had River made this beautiful (and oh so soft) monogrammed blanket.

Cravings: Mostly water these days. I'm not really having any specific cravings anymore, mainly because I'm not staying as hungry as I was. In fact, I feel more nausea coming back then anything.

Surprises: Last week the lovely ladies that I work with threw me a work shower! I had no idea and was thrilled with all the decorations, cake, and presents!

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