Saturday, October 3, 2015

100 Things I Love.

  1. Jesus Christ.
  2. River Alexandria.
  3. My Husband.
  4. Family/Friends in general.
  5. A room filled with books.
  6. MaddiePup.
  7. Candles, especially Fall scents.
  8. Fuzzy socks.
  9. Goodbye morning kisses from Zachary when his beard smells like the woodsy oil he uses on it.
  10. Homemade soaps.
  11. A clean house.
  12. Over-sized Sweatshirts.
  13. Strolling River.
  14. Writing.
  15. Pens. Tons of pens. 
  16. Notebooks.
  17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  18. Heating Blankets.
  19. Reading outside.
  20. Dark fingernail polish.
  21. Harry Potter.
  22. Chicken Alfredo.
  23. Red Wine.
  24. Secluded Houses/ cabins.
  25. Scary movies.
  26. Graveyards.
  27. Cherry Coke.
  28. Board Games.
  29. Collecting anything.
  30. Snuggling up with Zack before falling asleep.`
  31. Freshly shaved legs against clean sheets.
  32. Rainy, lazy days curled up on my couch with hot tea and a book.
  33. Reading bedtime stories to River before she falls asleep.
  34. Crimson. The color... and the Tide.
  35. Listening to my grandmothers tell me old stories about their childhood.
  36. Organized bookshelves.
  37. Starbucks coffee at B&N while I roam the store like I have money to spend.
  38. Driving with the windows rolled down listening to music.
  39. The smell of books... especially old books.
  40. Letters.
  41. Fluffy pillows.
  42. River's laugh.
  43. John Green quotes.
  44. Any Jane Austin movie.
  45. Black Chuck Taylors.
  46. The 10th Doctor...Allons-y!
  47. Lists. Grocery Lists. To Be Read Lists. Best of Lists. Organization period.
  48. Creepily watching my husband be completely absorbed in a book and realizing that I married my soulmate.
  49. Traveling.
  50. Slip on shoes. 
  51. Leggings. Lots of leggins. I'm one of those annoying people who will wear leggings with everything as soon as it's seasonably appropriate.
  52. Chocolate.
  53. Being nostalgic.
  54. Blogging.
  55. Flannel.
  56. The grunge period of the 90's. I seriously belong there.
  57. Pinterest.
  58. When Harry Met Sally.
  59. Now. I love myself/ my life right this second. I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin.
  60. The sound of a typewriter.
  61. Using the fireplace on cold winter nights.
  62. A mixed CD filled with Bon Iver that my cousin made me in '09.
  63. Bubble baths. With wine and a book.
  64. Being a Mom.
  65. Holding hands.
  66. My wedding rings.
  67. Fangirling.
  68. Falling in love with fictional characters.
  69. Dark hardwood floors.
  70. Face lotion.
  71. Driving through the Christmas Lights house every year with Zack since we've been together.
  72. Baking... especially cookies.
  73. My glasses.
  74. How big and bright blue River's eyes are.
  75. Taking advantage of the library.
  76. Bobby Pins
  77. The red in Zack's beard.
  78. Seeing someone read an obscure book that I love and then instantly connecting with them.
  79. Taking pictures.
  80. Walking the beach at night.
  81. Lit class.
  82. Poetry.
  83. Scottish dudes. It's the accent.
  84. Audible.
  85. Goodreads.
  86. Seeing my entire family on Christmas.
  87. Brushing my teeth before bed.
  88. Witch Hazel + Lavender.
  89. Owl figurines/ trinkets.
  90. When my husband cooks.
  91. Musicals. Especially RENT. And Buffy's "Once More with Feeling".
  92. Chandler Bing.
  93. Surprises.
  94. Hearing River say "Momma".
  95. Reading out loud.
  96. Studying my Bible.
  97. Marathon-ing fantasy movies with the hubs.
  98. Reimagined fairy tales.
  99. Noses. Long, straight noses. I have a thing. It's weird.
  100. Weekends.

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