Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guest Review: "Cold Days" by Jim Butcher

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: The Dresden Files #14
Format: E-Book
Cover Rating: 5/5 Stars
Goodreads Link: Cold Days

***Warning: This review may contain spoilers from previous books in The Dresden Files series.***

Harry Dresden , professional wizard, Warden of the White Council, and newly resurrected from the dead joins us again for another epic case. When we last left Harry in Ghost Story, we found that he was made to be the next Winter Knight and Cold Days is the start of that journey.

Mab begins Harry’s road to recovery by scouring her mind for new and inventive ways of killing him on a day to day basis. Once she is sure he is ready he is told to come a party, his coming out party if you will, for the Winter Court. While there he runs into some familiar faces, some friendly, though most of them not so much. Among those not-so-friendly characters is Mab’s daughter Maeve. She flaunts her stuff in such a manner that any normal man would have fallen prey to, but Harry isn’t by her wiles and shrugs her off. But like every other day in Harry’s world nothing is as it seems, for even his newly found court “allies” try to kill him or provoke him to spilling blood, breaking one of Mab’s solemn rules which is punishable by death. 
But with the help of his date he manages to escape somewhat unscathed to learn of his first mission as the Winter Knight…He has to kill the Winter Lady, Mab’s very own daughter, Maeve.

I know right, how do you kill a freakin immortal? And a member of the Sidhe Court at that? This sends Harry back to the streets of Chicago where he finds that, as usual he’s still on everyone’s hate list. Not even in Chicago for 10 pages and already trying to be killed again! But our hero moves on to collect Bob, the spirit in the skull, for help. Harry being the, I’m-not-gonna-let-my-friends-get-hurt kind of guy he is tries to not get his friends involved…but like every other plan Harry ever tries, things fall of the deep end and the old gang is reunited a little more combat ready than Harry seems to remember.

With his team once again assembled, the mission laid before him, and a great looming deadline of two days ahead Harry hit’s the ground running, just like the old days, you know, before he died…. Oh and not to mention the fact that his island, Demonreach, is going to self-destruct taking a great chunk of the Great Lakes region with it. But its just another day for Harry.

My Thoughts: Its amazing to me that an author can plan for things in the beginning of a series knowing that it can be picked back up at anytime to blow your mind. Jim Butcher is seriously my favorite author in that he can do these things and wrap it all up with a spectacular hero in a very modern way. Cold Days is no different it was an excellent read and took me no time to finish. The only downside there is to be had about this…is that we have to wait FOREVER for the next one. The end of this book will absolutely throw you for a loop in a way that will make your brain explode and reform in your head all over again. I would definitely recommend this to any other Dresden fan as well as the rest of the series, mainly because it would be kind of weird to start of from book 14 but whatever man to each their own.

My Rating:
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