Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week Twenty-Six

How I'm Feeling: Mostly good, but I'm getting super uncomfortable trying to sleep! Besides the fact that River is moving around like a crazy chick, my back is killing me every time I try and roll over. 

Nursery Update: River's nursery is *finally* painted thinks to some of our awesome friends! It's a light gray and we plan on doing some pink accents soon. We also got the flooring, and plan on installing it this weekend. Pictures to come!

Milestone: Last weekend I bought my first pair of maternity jeans... and they are AWESOME. Seriously, I may never go back to regular jeans again... sorry hubs.

Doctor Visit: This week I had my last monthly check-up, and now move on to my two-week visits! I can't believe how fast time is flying! River is doing great so far, but still hasn't gotten into position and is lying sideways with her head on my left side, but my doctor said that should be changing in the next two weeks or so. This time around I had to do my gestational diabetes test, which involved me getting to drink this super sugary nasty red Hawaiian Punch like drink and then waiting an hour to get my blood drawn- which really sucked because they couldn't find a "good" vein and had to take it out of my hand. I also had to have a TDAP vaccine in my arm which didn't hurt at the time, but is now sore. We got to meet the mid-wife since my doctor was on vacation, and she was *very* informative and gave us lots of pamphlets on breastfeeding and gave Zack a mini-lecture on what his duties were going to be when I was breast-feeding (one of which included making sure I got a 3 hour nap in the day!). She also recommended he read So That's What They're For, which I may or may not buy for him as a Christmas socking stuffer.

Registry #1: After the not so fun doctor visit, we decided to treat ourselves and go out to eat and registry River at Target. Which turned out to be insanely fun. Zack went a little nuts with the scanner though and I had to constantly remind him that we had to scan for "age appropriate" shower gifts- not a 2T outfit (even if it was adorbs).

Registry HERE.

Cravings: MILK. Tons and tons of milk.

Weird Non-Gross Body Stuff:  Super dry skin. Migraines. Swollen feet.

Most Researched Topic this Week: Gray and Pink Nurseries.

Gifts for River this Week: 
This week River's daddy bought her (and me) a super cute Vera Bradley diaper bag for Christmas!

And since I didn't update last week, River also received a very beautiful blanket made by my sweet friend at work!

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
Her crib! I am *so* beyond ready to have her little nursery completed it's not even funny! Luckily, I found a pretty reasonably priced one on Amazon that is a 4 in 1 and that has beyond excellent reviews. Never underestimate the power of a good Amazon buy!

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