Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fright Fest Day 3: "Favorite Scary Movie"!

Welcome to Day 3 of the Fright Fest Blog Hop!
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What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Again, I'm going with top three... it's just too hard for me to pick one!

"IT" - 1990
SERIOUSLY CREEPY! I mean, who doesn't find clowns horrifying? Stephen King made sure that we would never again look at them happy circus folk the same way again. Plus it has Seth Green in it who I freaking love.

"Pet Sematary" - 1989
There's nothing creepier than a kid holding a scalpel asking you to play with him... Little Gage Creed, you scare the crap out of me.

"Scream" - 1996
Okay. Okay. I know... a cheestastic 90's film? YES. I don't care. I loved it then (at the age of 8) and I love it now. You have to admit though, it was pretty original. Serial killers basing all their motives on entire horror film genre? I mean come on! No one had ever done that before. Besides, I love Wes Craven. Freddie K would have been #4.

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