Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hello Friends!

So as some of you may be aware, I was going to host a really awesome epic blog hop for Halloween. I have a lot of great author interviews/ swag to give away. You may have also noticed, that it didn't really happen like I planned. For that I can only say I'm sorry. Life got in the way- and when I say it got in the way, I mean it actually bulldozed me over and backed up to run over me again for good measure. I've been going through a kind of transition period where I've just been trying to figure everything out.

Of course, I haven't figured everything out (I mean really, who has?), but I am now in a much better place to get back to blogging!

So, what does that mean for all the interviews/swag I've got? While I will not be doing Fright Fest as planned, I will still be doing all the interviews/ swag on random days this month. The best way to be notified of which days this will be on, would of course be to follow my blog on either FB, GFC, or through e-mail.

Hope you all are having an amazing book filled weekend!

Happy reading!

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