Friday, October 31, 2014

Super Fun Lazy Halloween Movie Marathon Night! ...With S'Mores!

Happy Halloween!!!

This has always been one of my favorite holidays (and if you've followed the blog in the past I'm sure that was glaringly obvious with all my Poe decor), but tonight for the first time in a long time I'm staying in with my honey and just vegging out, watching scary movies and eating good junk food.

Super Scary Movies List

My Two Picks:

Stephen King's It
"Do they float?"
"Oh yes, they float, Georgie. They float. ...And when you're down here with me, you'll float too!"

This movie is like a Halloween tradition for me. I have to watch it. Seth Green, John Ritter, and Tim Curry as a freakishly scary clown with humor? What's NOT to love?!

Pet Sematary:
"First I play with Judd, then mommy came, and I play with mommy. We play daddy, we had a awful good time! Now, I want to play with you..."
Seriously, nothing is creepier than little dead Gage Creed coming to play with you. This movie scares the heck out of me, but it's still an all time favorite! And I even love the sequel with good old Edward Furlong when he was an awesome actor and not on drugs.

Zack's Picks:

Unfortunately, I don't have any good Hellraiser quotes because I've only seen it once, years and years ago, but I was a little preoccupied making out with my boyfriend at the time (now hubster). #NoRegrets

Rose Red
Again, no quote on this one either but only because I've never seen it. Actually, I never even heard of it until Zack mentioned it for tonight. But I'm pretty excited, because obviously I'm a huge King fan :)

The rest of our night will be spent making some NO-BEAN chili (because beans are nasty) with cheese and sour-cream and eating S'mores. I'm really excited about just getting to snuggle up with my husband and relax with some good old gore and carnage.
I hope all of you have a safe and funtastic Halloween! 
In the meantime, here's some of mine and the hubs Halloween pictures throughout the years! Enjoy!

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