Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuneage Tuesday

"Tuneage Tuesday" is where I will be posting some of my new favorite songs. Sometimes they'll be connected with a book or a series, and sometimes they're just stuck in my head randomly. Either way, new music is always good :]

This weeks tune is:
I Found A Reason covered by Cat Power
(Originally done by The Velvet Underground)

Where You've Heard It: Cat Power's version appears in two movies and gets a special mention in one series: 
 V for Vendetta-Starring Natalie Portman. It is also an amazing graphic novel.

The indie film Dandelion- starring Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser.

 And in Jessica Verday's The Hollows trilogy in book three.

Why I Love It: It's the ultimate romantic song. Ever.

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