Monday, March 12, 2012

Quotation Monday

Quotation Monday is something I've come up with to share some of my favorite quotes from really great novels, movies, lyrics, etc.

Todays quote comes from Bernhard Schlink's novel (turned movie) The Reader:

"I'm not frightened. I'm not frightened of anything. The more I suffer, the more I love. Danger will only increase my love. It will sharpen it, forgive its vice. I will be the only angel you need. You will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. Heaven will take you back and look at you and say: Only one thing can make a soul complete and that thing is love.” 

Why I Love It: Possibly the most romantic quote ever. I absolutely fell in love with this amazing movie and quickly went out to buy the novel asap. If you haven't seen it/ read it, go, right this second, and buy it. 


  1. I saw the movie first and actually preferred it. I can see why Kate Winslet won the Oscar!

    1. Lisa, me too! I loved the guy who played in it as well. I think he did such an amazing job! He was only like 18 when they first started filming!


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