Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spoilers. Just Don't.

I have a mini-rant. Actually, it's a huge pet peeve for me. 
They suck. 

Recently, as in today, someone left a huge spoiler on one of my reviews that pretty much told me the ending to a whole trilogy I've been reading, and it really upset me. 

In all of my reviews I try to be as spoiler-free as possible. I don't give any information away that the book description hasn't already. I do this because I personally hate spoilers. I know there's some weirdos out there that love them (I have a friend that actually Googles spoilers), but for me, it ruins the whole book/ series.  When I'm reading a book, I check out of reality for a while to go some place else. But when I know about something that happens in the book, I start to anticipate it, or dread it, or whatever- and it pulls me out of the book's world.

I won't even read certain blog reviews because I know in the past they contain small spoilers. When I'm reading, I want the book to be all crisp and new to me. I want each page to be a surprise.

Really, it's just a douche thing to do when you say "Hey, did you know that at the end of Deathly Hollows, Harry just dreamed all of that?!"Okay, obviously that is a lie, but you get my point.

Don't be a douche- use spoiler tags: ***SPOILER***


  1. I 100% agree!!! I rarely even read reviews for books I haven't read, just to be safe. I absolutely hate being spoiled!

    I actually had someone post a spoiler in a comment of one of my reviews. In my review I mentioned that one plot point was confusing until the very end, and said I wasn't going to say anymore about it to not spoil it. Well that commenter spoiled it, so I deleted their comment. :-/

    1. I think the problem is people don't realize that they are "spoiling" it usually. Or either just not reading the entire review. It's just so frustrating though! lol Because you can't "unlearn" something :(


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