Wednesday, November 5, 2014

River Update: Week Twenty! Halfway there!

How I'm Feeling: Still good most of the time!

Cravings: S'mores. Melted Chocolate.

Crazy Dream of the Week: I dreamed I was a vampire and I was dating Jared Padalecki, but he was both the characters of Dean from Gilmore Girls and Sam from Supernatural. And we had to defeat this crazed super vampire that looked a lot like Crowley from Supernatural. I was kind of a badass chopping off vampire heads with a machete.

Weird Non-Gross Body Stuff: Racing heart. It's SO annoying, and at first really scary! I also had a fainting spell in JCPenny's on Saturday, which you know was *not* embarrassing at all, but that was because I was being dumb and hadn't ate at all that day until 1:30 pm. But both River and I are fine now!

Most Researched Topic this Week: Healthy Pregnancy Snacks/ Meals. Since I'm not eating enough (per Doctor and the fainting spell), I've been trying to find quick snacks on the go, especially for in the mornings.

Gifts for River this Week: River is constantly receiving gifts from her grandma's and great-grandma's! She's already spoiled and not even here yet!
This week she got her first pair of Chuck's and a bundle of cute outfits from my MamaB:

And her very first Halloween Treat from her Nana:

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week:
This personalized baby book! So adorable. Found HERE.

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