Wednesday, November 26, 2014

River Update: Week Twenty-Three

Here's a video of the first time we got to hear little River's heartbeat! Please excuse the crap quality of my phone- the important part to me was just hearing the heartbeat!

Cute Story: Hubs and I have some pretty funny conversations when we drive somewhere together. This week while taking the "scenic" route from the grocery store we started talking about our hopes for River as far as her schooling was concerned. Funnily enough, we both had the same hope that she ends up being super smart and gets accepted to the school of fine arts here in Bham or somewhere similar so she can get into some rad college later. That's right, we're already thinking college and she's not even here yet. Have to start early though!

Latest Doctor Visit: So far, everything is still going well! Blood pressure is great, weight gain is on track, and River's heartbeat was 156. The only bad news I got was that (once again) I was dehydrated! Which sucks because I've been drinking water like crazy and only have one juice or Sprite a day. So now I've taken to carrying around huge water bottles with me everywhere I go and slurping them down like crazy. We also got another ultrasound to check River's face out since last time she was being so stubborn. Of course, this time wasn't much different. She kept her face mostly turned towards my back and even kicked her little foot up at the ultrasound mic as it went over her. Next time we go I will be having my diabetes test (yuck) so any tips you have for that send them my way!

Pregnancy Brain Moment: So, this week I probably had my biggest "pregnancy brain" moment. I was cleaning the kitchen when I noticed a creepy bug trying to crawl into an electric socket. I quickly grabbed liquid, watery RAID and sprayed the crap out of that sucker... into the electric socket. I immediately realized what a dumb idea that was when I heard a strange sizzling noise coming from the wall. Luckily, hubs was home and fixed it ASAP... but not before making fun of me.

Movement: River's been kicking around like crazy! Especially when I'm relaxed and laying down reading, or just getting ready to go to sleep. She becomes a little ninja in my belly. Poor hubs hasn't felt her yet though because every time he puts his hand over my belly she stops abruptly and then starts back up when he lifts it. Definitely gets her stubbornness from him!

How I'm Feeling: This week I've been feeling pretty exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well because my whole body has just been extra stiff and I've been tossing and turning all night. 

Cravings: MILK. I have been drinking whole glasses of milk like crazy lately. Oh, and yummy smores!

Weird Non-Gross Body Stuff: Swollen fingers :( My wedding rings are really starting to cut into me. I think I'm going to have to put them aside soon which really sucks because I love them.

Most Researched Topic this Week: Newborn Sleep Schedules.

Most Coveted Baby Item of the Week: This super adorable Alice in Wonderland onesie. Found HERE.

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