Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I finally watched "If I Stay" Saturday night. So, so good. They picked the perfect cast for it, and the music was simply amazing. Please make the "Where She Went" sequel.

My ankles/feet are swollen and my socks leave a really *nice* ring around them now... thank goodness hubs has large clown feet and I can steal his :)

New favorite thing: homemade peppermint body lotion. My grandma picked me up some at a craft fair and oh sweet baby Jesus, it's amazing. I smell like Christmas all day now.

Speaking of Christmas, I really, REALLY just want to put up my Christmas tree now. 

Sunday morning Zack and I played an intense round of Paper, Rock, Scissors to determine what football team River would "support" (in cute onesies and tutus). The first round went to me after three times of us both choosing the same thing in a row. The second round was an instant sweet, sweet victory for yours truly. Roll tide, River. Roll tide.

I've recently discovered that some parents are on the fence about using a baby bumper in the crib since it can increase SIDS. After reading this article, I'm definitely going to see what my doctor suggests and probably not get one (especially since River's bedding is discontinued).

I'm thinking it's time for a Buffy marathon again. Because before their was Molly Weasley, there was Buffy's mom:

I am really starting to miss my nightly glass of wine. I mean, I love River and all, but as soon as I get the okay, I'm having a really, really big glass of super good red wine.

Still the best "I Love You" ever. I even think it beat's Darcy's.

Sunday, Zack surprised me by cooking a Cheesy, NACHO DORITO Casserole. Yeah, you read that right. Hubs found and cooked that awesome recipe. I know. I think he may be experiencing some of my pregnancy cravings. But it was pretty darn tasty. Recipe HERE.

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  1. 3. That sounds divine.
    4. I'm having to make myself wait a few more weeks!
    5. Praise Moses. Raise that baby right. Chris and I have a strict policy that he will wear no other teams than Alabama or Florida. But let's face it, he'll be wearing MUCH more Bama than Florida.
    6. Ok. What is a crib bumper? I should probably know this.
    9. Oh, Gus...
    I'm so glad you're linking up!


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